Coyote Plan

Coyote Management Plan

I’m pushing for a coyote management plan. I believe this will be going to the city council on September 15th. I feel a plan should include three components: Prevention/education, Hazing and mitigation of aggressive coyotes. My plan would be very heavy on the prevention/education/hazing, but would allow our animal control folks to take further actions when necessary. As part of my work, I have been able to get signs posted at Max field. This is just the beginning. Now we need the rest of the city council to agree on a plan.

What you can do to keep coyotes away from your home

  • Do not provide access to food. When you leave pet food outside, you invite the coyotes into your neighborhood and yard.
  • Always put trash bags inside a trash container secured with a lid.
  • Quickly pick up fruit that drops from trees.
  • Keep cats and dogs inside, especially from dusk to dawn.
  • On walks, make sure your dog’s collar or harness is firmly secured and carry something to make noise (like a whistle) if you come across a coyote.
  • Install motion sensor lights to deter wild animals from visiting your yard.

What to do when you are confronted by a coyote

The best thing to do is to ‘haze’ the coyote. Hazing includes:

  • Stand tall, wave your arms, and yell at the coyote, approaching them if necessary, until they run away.
  • If a coyote has not been hazed before, they may not immediately run away when you yell at them. If this happens, you may need to walk towards the coyote and increase the intensity of your hazing.
  • The coyote may run away, but then stop after a distance and look at you. It is important to continue to go after the coyote until they completely leaves the area. You may need to use different tactics, such as noisemakers, stomping your feet, or spraying the coyote with a hose, to get them to leave.

If we all practice these hazing techniques, the coyotes will eventually learn to keep away.

The biggest problem is that we are ‘luring’ them into our neighborhoods with food that we leave out. This includes leaving our pets outside.

What to expect at the City Council meeting.

I believe we will hear a presentation on the coyote issue on September 15th. We will know for sure on September 10th when the City Clerk posts the city council agenda at: https://chulavista.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx

Please check the web page to make sure the item will be heard. The public comment section will be open for comments on September 10th if the item is on the agenda. If you wish you can send the council members your comments directly to their emails be going to: https://www.chulavistaca.gov/departments/mayor-council and they can read your input even if the item will be heard on the following council meeting.

The city council may discuss this and give staff direction on what the coyote management plan should contain. Your input is critical. Just last week a child was attacked on the east side of town.

Please help by submitting your comments and input. You can do so as follows:

HOW TO SUBMIT COMMENTS: Visit the online eComment portal for a City Council meeting at: https://chulavista.granicusideas.com/meetings. The commenting period will be open shortly after the agenda is published for a particular meeting and will remain open through the meeting, as described below. All comments will be available to the public and the City Council using the eComment portal. Comments must be received prior to the time the Mayor calls for the close of the commenting period. Comments received after such time will not be considered by the City Council. If you have difficulty or are unable to submit a comment, please contact the Office of the City Clerk for assistance at cityclerk@chulavistaca.gov or (619) 691-5041.

Chula Vista Councilmember Mike Diaz

Serving SW Chula Vista

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