Q: What is the city doing to communicate the status or important updates to COVID-19?

The city is using every tool it has to get information out to the public. here are a few of the communication tools we are using.

My FaceBook and Youtube videos:


TV News:

This is a new click from the 12th, where the Mayor was on KUSI and telling the public about COVID19



Today’s message from the city to the public (as of 3/20 posted on web site)



Here is all the information we are posting on social media (FaceBook)



The City has a Nixle texting/email app that goes out to the community.


Here are links to council actions:

This was our last meeting and it included declaring this a Local Emergency and another item we approved was to provide our police department with authority to close businesses that are not allowed to be open.


Q: Are city leaders tracking our calculation of resources on hand and the predicted resources needed?

Yes, the city has activated it’s EOC (Emergency Operation Center) and within that structure is a Logistics Section whose is responsible for providing facilities, services and materials for the incident. Every day city leaders join in a conference call with county, state and federal agencies to get updates and to ask questions.

Q: Are city leaders in touch with each hospital and poised to provide PPE and ventilators?

There are many levels of government providing resources to fight this outbreak.  The city does have PPE that is used by its first responders. We do not have enough PPE to replenish our local hospitals. Our local health care systems like Sharp and Script’s use in the 100’s or 1000’s X more than our city first responder’s use. They have greater purchasing power than we have. I’m confident that the hospitals are doing everything they can do to replenish their PPE.  The reality is that is outbreak will be taxing every part of our health care system from first responders to local and county hospitals. By the way, in the Emergency Package” that was approved by congress, it allocated one billion to the DOD to invest in manufacturing capabilities for PPE production. It also allocated 100 million for first responder PPE and 178 million for federal employee PPE. The city does not have any ventilators as far as I know. This would be addressed at the county/state/federal level.

Q: Will FEMA be activated? Are supplies coming?

Yes, FEMA has been activated and resources have been allocated to the state. Just recently, the hospital ship “Mercy” was deployed to Los Angeles. Supplies are coming, but because this is a global pandemic, the demand is outpacing the supply. The federal government has enacted the Defense Production Act to increase production of vital equipment including PPE and ventilators. In fact, just a few days ago the DOD released 5 million N95 masks. The federal government has also deployed medical ships on both the east and west coast. For FEMA updates you can go to my web cvd4.og/catgory/coronavirus.

 Q: Could the city borrow funding if needed, for medical supplies?

The city has funding available to purchase PPE. Providing our personnel with PPE is the top priority. Within the EOC there is another section within the General staff called the Finance Section. They are responsible for all procurement and financing activities. Mitigating the virus and protecting the community is our highest priority and that means committing resources. Because the city council declared a state of emergency, we can access state and federal funding to reimburse for some of the costs.

Q: Are city leaders in touch with our charity and non-profits who are meeting the needs of the sick and elderly? These resources are vital to sustaining our shelter in place order, however, their funding is at risk of depletion.

We are doing what we can to help non-profits. The City is coordinating with the San Diego Food Bank to provide City staff and vehicles to help deliver food to distribution locations in Chula Vista/South County. 

Q: Mr. Diaz, you mentioned that we could possibly use a general fund or dip into the half-cent tax reserves. Can we activate these funds?

Not at this time. Staff will come back with a presentation to the City Council. I believe there may be some pushback on this idea. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.  I did bring the idea of using a portion of Measure ‘P’ funding before the city council.

Q: Can the city validate the efforts of those on the front-lines and support them as their needs arise?

The city appreciates every non-profit that is helping in these tough times. The city appreciates all the community members that are volunteering to help others in need. We are all working together, each bringing their treasurer and talents to fight the Coronavirus outbreak. Together we will recover faster and get back to as normal life as we can. As it relates to supporting their needs, we will do that on a case-by-case basis.