Chula Vista EOC Aug11th

County officials provided several updates on COVID-19 trends in San Diego Cunty and current response initiatives:

  • The County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to extend the Great Plates delivered program through September 9th. This is the third time that the program has been extended due to its popularity and great benefit to residents and businesses in San Diego. Great Plates Delivered provides meal delivery to over 2,000 seniors through 31 participating San Diego restaurants. This extension of the program will be called Great Plates 2.0, which expands the program by adding more restaurants and offering meals to persons with access and functional needs.  
  • In regards to testing and the reports of delayed data, the County stated that the majority of unreported/backlogged data from the state has been provided to the county and is included in the daily numbers. No further impact on San Diego County data is expected.
  • The County’s safe reopening compliance team continues to work with the local jurisdictions to educate on and enforce the Public Health Order. The majority of businesses have adapted to the new way of operating, however there are a few “bad faith actors” who remain noncompliant. The County, in coordination with the local jurisdictions, have a tiered approach to address noncompliance. When notified of violations of the Public Health Order, the teams can:
    • Conduct a site visit and educate the business
    • Issue a cease and desist order from the County of San Diego
    • Issue an individualized Public Health closure for a specific business
    • Issue a citation/fine, $1,000 per occurrence ( the citation will issued by the local law enforcement agency)
    • Lastly, the District Attorney or local City Attorney have the authority to bring charges against the local businesses who remain noncompliant.
  • Countywide, COVID-19 numbers continue to trend in the right direction. For the past two weeks, the case rate has continued to decrease, and is now down to 101.2/100,000. Once this trigger drops below 100/100,000 for three consecutive days, the County can be removed from the State’s Monitoring List. There have been 29 community outbreaks in the past seven days, and restaurants and bars continue to have the greatest number of outbreaks.
  • Once the County is removed from the monitoring list, the only sector that will be allowed to reopen is schools. All other businesses will remain operating per the Governor’s orders.  
  • Currently, some K-6 schools are submitting the waiver/attestation to allow them to reopen in-person instruction sooner, and the County is currently accepting these waivers and reviewing them with the state. Schools grades 7-12 are required to wait until the county has been off of the monitoring list for 14-consecutive days before they can resume in-person instruction.
  • The County is opening two new testing sites this week, one at Cal State San Marcos (non-appointment walk-in site) and the other at the San Diego-Tijuana Border pedestrian crossing.

As of August 10, Global cases are 20,152,405 and 737,986 deaths; United States cases are 5,113,906 with 164,101 deaths; California, 574,947 cases with 10,485 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 33,157 cases and 602 deaths. There have been 2,771 residents admitted to the hospital with 694 of those admitted to the ICU. As of August 10, there are 4,243 cases in Chula Vista.

With preparedness in mind,

Marlon King

Emergency Services Coordinator

City of Chula Vista

(619) 409-5482

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