Chula Vista EOC Update Aug 3rd

County officials shared we are making some progress but must continue with following public health guidelines. Countywide, the numbers are headed in the right direction, a downward trend. The county case rate per 100,00 is now 118.2, which is a significant decrease from one week ago.

There were 94 community outbreaks in July and already four outbreaks have been recorded for August. There have been 159 community outbreaks since March. A community outbreak is defined as three or more laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases in different households in a cluster of 2 or more acute illnesses compatible with COVID-19 with onset within a 14-day period.

County of San Diego officials will present a plan for additional enforcement and compliance in collaboration with the cities at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, August 4.

As of August 3, Global cases are 18,147,574 and 690,573 deaths; United States cases are 4,687,828 with 155,062 deaths; California, 512,850 cases with 9,400 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 30,226 cases and 565 deaths. There have been 2,599 residents admitted to the hospital with 656 of those admitted to the ICU. As of August 2, there are 3,903 cases in Chula Vista.

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