The City of Chula Vista has secured a portion of the former Sears building at Chula Vista Center to use as a Cool Zone for Chula Vista residents during warm weather. With a heat wave expected this weekend and into next week, and City Recreation Centers and Libraries closed to the public due to the pandemic, it is important to provide a Cool Zone for residents.

The Chula Vista Cool Zone will be open when temperatures exceed 85 degrees, and will be operated by City Recreation staff. The Cool Zone will be open starting Saturday, July 11, from 12 to 5 p.m., as temperatures are predicted to be high this weekend. It will remain open through next week.

Visitors to the Chula Vista Cool Zone, located at 565 Broadway in the Chula Vista Center, are required to wear a face covering while in the Cool Zone and may bring one personal bag. There will be seating available and movies playing. Each area will be disinfected between uses. Water is allowed, but no food, no smoking, and no pets. Each visitor will receive a temperature screening prior to entrance and will be advised to maintain six feet social distancing from those who are not members of their household.

COVID-19 testing is still taking place in another portion of the former Sears building and will not interfere with the Cool Zone area.

For further information, please contact the Recreation Department at (619) 409-5979 Monday-Friday.

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