Chula Vista EOC Update June 22nd

County officials reported that there has been an increase in positive cases in the County, which in part, could be connected to the increase in testing. The rise in cases could also be the result of further reopening of businesses and other activities.

There have been ten community outbreaks in the last seven days (there were 8 community outbreaks reported as of June 18). Additionally, the increase in number of new cases and the increase in percentage of positive cases is concerning for the region. There have been reports and sightings of violations countywide including people not wearing masks or practicing physical distancing. In Chula Vista, we had our single highest day of new cases, 40, occur over the weekend.

Although there has not been an increase in hospitalizations or ICU admissions, the County is aware that hospitalizations/ICU numbers always lag behind the increases in new cases. We could potentially see hospitalizations/ICU cases rise in the coming days.

Officials announced the following actions:

·       County will pause on any future re-openings (theme parks, etc.) that the Governor may announce in the coming week

·       County is implementing a public outreach campaign to build awareness for statewide requirement for face coverings

·       County will pursue and encourage targeted enforcement of businesses not in compliance with face covering and social distancing requirements

·       Officials reiterated the seriousness of the current situation and increase in outbreaks and spread. Residents are reminded to wear face coverings, social distance, and wash hands.

As of June 22, Global cases are 9,006,757 and 469,220 deaths; United States cases are 2,291,353 with 120,106 deaths; California, 178,521 cases with 5,518 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 11,096 cases and 338 deaths. There have been 1,627 residents admitted to the hospital with 451 of those admitted to the ICU. As of June 20, there are 1,615 cases in Chula Vista.

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