Chula Vista EOC Update June 5th

County officials announced the following:

More access to beaches effective June 9

·      Parking lots at beaches can open

·      Active sports can be played with household members

·      Jurisdictions will decide when/how to open their parking lots

The Governor is expected to release additional guidance on opening Stage 3 sectors (no sooner than June 12) for these activities

·      Gyms

·      Day camps (to include youth sports)

·      Campgrounds

·      Hotels

·      Card rooms

·      Family entertainment (bowling alleys, batting cages)

·      Bars & wineries

·      Zoos

·      Indoor museums

·      Film/TV production

·      Pro sports – no spectators

As of June 6, Global cases are 6,699,358 and 393,205 deaths; United States cases are 1,883,656 with 108,664 deaths; California, 123,066 cases with 4,458 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 8,180 cases and 294 deaths. There have been 1,397 residents admitted to the hospital with 397 of those admitted to the ICU. As of June 4, there are 1,179 cases in Chula Vista.

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