CV EOC May 8th Update

The limited re-opening of parks and trails was manageable and staff report few issues. CVPD and Park Rangers are prepared for educating and if needed enforcing the new rules this weekend.

The website and web page have been updated with the latest information about Parks, services available, etc. Social media also is focusing on limited re-opening of parks, trails, businesses, etc.  

The County update focused on what can open as of May 8 and moving forward with additional businesses and activities allowed as Stage 2 expands in the coming weeks.

·       Additional recreational activities are now allowed, provided those engaged in the activities are members from the same household

o   Tennis, handball, and similar activities granted that jurisdictions can ensure full compliance of social distancing and sanitation protocols

·       Rental of recreational equipment is allowed

o   Bicycles, boats, kayaks, surfboards, etc.

·       Campgrounds are open on a limited basis with a reduced capacity. Each jurisdiction is allowed to open/close campgrounds as they see fit.

·       Additional reopening of Stage 2 businesses and activities is possible to begin in approximately two weeks, if these next few weeks show continued improvement 

·       These additional businesses include dine-in restaurants, shopping malls and swap meets, car washes, pet grooming, office-based businesses, outdoor museums

·       The County has posted information for requirements, forms to be submitted, etc. at with a link to the Safe Reopening Plan. 

As of May 8, Global cases are 3,907,055 and 272,578 deaths; United States cases are 1,271,775 with 76,101 deaths; California, 62,547 cases with 2,548 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 4,662 cases and 169 deaths. There have been 919 residents admitted to the hospital with 289 of those admitted to the ICU. As of May 7, there are 627 cases in Chula Vista.

Anne Steinberger

Marketing and Communications Manager

City of Chula Vista Office of Communications/City Manager s Office

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