CV EOC Update May 6th

The Policy Group discussed signage and other outreach materials needed for the limited re-opening of parks and trails. Staff will post temporary, laminated signs in English and Spanish at parks and trails throughout the City by Friday at 7 a.m. The website will be updated and social media posts will promote the limited re-opening. A press release will be distributed on Thursday, May 7, to announce additional details. 

Code Enforcement (CE) update for April 30 – May 6. There currently are 690 active Code Enforcement cases. In this timeframe, CE has opened 19 code cases and closed 12 code cases. CE has assisted SWAT with four illegal dispensary warrants. Four Code Enforcement Officers assisted with COVID-19 outreach to the community. Other CE staff continue to assist Economic Development team with follow up on non-essential business complaints. CE staff also have provided assistance with delivering food to community members.

The City is working with Southwest Strategies on a Spanish-language radio and digital advertising campaign to extend our reach beyond the social media, website, and news media outreach we’re doing. Radio ads have started on Univision and additional radio and potentially TV stations will ramp up soon. Another exciting effort is underway with Seven Mile Casino partnering with the City through Southwest Strategies to provide additional advertising on English-language radio stations and outdoor advertising.  

As of May 6, Global cases are 3,721,779 and 260,487 deaths; United States cases are 1,214,572 with 71,982 deaths; California, 58,794 cases with 2,398 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 4,319 cases and 158 deaths. There have been 882 residents admitted to the hospital with 281 of those admitted to the ICU. As of May 5, there are 607 cases in Chula Vista.

Anne Steinberger Marketing and Communications Manager

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