CV EOC May 5th

The Policy Group developed guidelines for relaxing restrictions on park access and outreach to businesses that can provide curbside service starting May 8, 2020. Park access will be expanded to allow groups (smaller than 10 people) in the same household to visit a park, sit together and walk through the park. Face coverings required when you enter/exit parks and within 6 feet of someone not in your household. No group sports allowed at this time. Bathrooms, play equipment, fields, courts, gazebos, picnic benches, etc., remain closed. New signage will be posted by Friday, May 8. 

Economic Development staff is reviewing the Governor’s guidelines for Stage 2 business activities to inform the outreach effort to be implemented following Council consideration and approval of an Emergency Ordinance requiring all businesses operating in the City to prepare and post City-approved social distancing and sanitation protocols.

The state testing site opened today at the former Sears location at Chula Vista Center. Approximately 200 appointments had been made before opening this morning. Two other state testing sites also opened today in El Cajon and Escondido.

The County reported that a presentation regarding COVID-19 at today’s Board of Supervisors meeting highlighted that by implementing the Stay at Home order, social distancing, face coverings and other guidelines, the County prevented from 6,000 to 18,000 deaths through April.

As of May 5, Global cases are 3,630,942 and 254,592 deaths; United States cases are 1,193,027 with 70,110 deaths; California, 55,884 cases with 2,278 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 4,160 cases and 150 deaths. There have been 864 residents admitted to the hospital with 275 of those admitted to the ICU. As of May 4, there are 583 cases in Chula Vista.

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