CV EOC Update May 1st

As the President of the San Diego County Chiefs’ and Sheriff’s Association, Chula Vista Police Chief Roxana Kennedy today announced that all San Diego County Law Enforcement personnel are participating in a new campaign called America Strong & United. This effort is supported unanimously by San Diego County Chiefs’ and Sheriff’s Association leaders to recognize the extraordinary service and sacrifice to our community by first responders and essential workers during this pandemic. Across the San Diego region first responders, medical personnel, and countless other essential workers are being encouraged to wear the red, white, and blue America Strong and United badge bands and ribbons as a symbol of their daily sacrifice to support our nation in this unprecedented time. City staff have been/will be provided a badge band or ribbon to wear.

The City has decided to cancel the July 4th Fireworks, HarborFest and South Bay Earth Day events. While these events are very popular for our community and beyond, large events likely won’t be allowed for many months. We have yet to make the final decision for Starlight Parade. Third Avenue Village Association and any other organizations will be notified that their events (including Lemon Festival in August) cannot be held until further notice.

Communications staff continue to promote that all parks are closed. Although other jurisdictions may have relaxed some restrictions, Chula Vista and South County cases are higher than in other areas and the City’s Local Emergency Order remains in place.

The County will now report metrics on its T3 effort: Test, Trace, Treat. Total tests in the county are at 55,199. The County is striving to get to 5,200 tests daily. It also is working to test priority populations in nursing homes and other congregant care facilities. To implement a robust Trace effort, the County needs to expand the tracing staff from the current 128 positions to 450. And, the County will report the Treat metric by identifying people who are in isolation in Public Health rooms. There currently are 187 individuals in isolation and cumulatively 541 have been in isolation.

As of May 1, Global cases are 3,303,296 and 235,290 deaths; United States cases are 1,082,411 with 63,127 deaths; California, 50,431 cases with 2,049 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 3,711 cases and 134 deaths. There have been 792 residents admitted to the hospital with 250 of those admitted to the ICU. As of April 29, there are 460 cases in Chula Vista.

Anne Steinberger

Marketing and Communications Manager

City of Chula Vista

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