Chula Vista EOC Update 4/24

The County of San Diego announced updates planned for the Public Health Order. 

·       Effective sunrise on Monday, April 27, the County will allow limited access to the ocean for surfing, swimming, paddle boarding or kayaking on the ocean. This does not mean beaches are open and the Supervisors advised that all coastal cities will decide how and when they want to provide access to the water for these designated activities. Bay and ocean boating is still prohibited and piers, boardwalks and beach parking lots will remain closed.

·      Effective May 1, the Public Health Order will require all to wear a face covering when outside the home when they’re within six feet of those not in their household.

·       The County is planning to remove some restrictions for parks in May but the County will have to show progress toward meeting State and Federal Guidelines for relaxing restrictions (i.e., reductions in cases, capacity at hospitals, etc.). Jurisdictions will be required to submit a plan by April 28 describing how they would open parks with modified restrictions, staff parks to ensure compliance and sanitize parks.  

A food distribution event for military families is being held at Southwestern College, Saturday, April 25. The event is coordinate through Courage to Call in collaboration with Feeding San Diego. The families have to sign up and present ID at the event. CVPD is supporting to help with traffic for this event.

City staff from CVPD, CVFD, Public Works and DSD will be conducting an education campaign starting next week with essential businesses to ensure they are aware of face covering mandates, understand the protocols and requirements for signage. Teams will be canvassing the quadrants of the southwest Chula Vista business corridor, engaging with the businesses and the public to emphasize the importance of local orders.

Staff is coordinating with the school districts to distribute information to family households about resources and guidelines in place. CVESD has a system to text important announcements to families.

As of April 24, Global cases are 2,780,094 and 194,456 deaths; United States cases are 884,004 with 50,360 deaths; California, 39,699 cases with 1,537 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 2,826 cases and 102 deaths. There have been 658 residents admitted to the hospital with 218 of those admitted to the ICU. As of April 23, there are 346 cases in Chula Vista.

If there is an important update over the weekend — we will send an announcement. Otherwise have a nice weekend.


Anne Steinberger

Marketing and Communications Manager

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