Chula Vista EOC Update 4/23

Mayor Casillas Salas hosted a press conference at Chula Vista City Hall with National City Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis, Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina, and San Diego Councilmember Vivian Moreno. Chula Vista and National City announced new requirements for wearing face coverings while at essential businesses or standing in line at essential businesses. Officials also emphasized that South County leaders are united in keeping our communities safe, promoted directives and guidelines regarding face coverings, and stressed that South County has higher numbers of cases than other areas and we need to stay the course and shelter at home to stop the spread of COVID-19. English and Spanish television stations and print media covered the press conference.

Press releases were distributed this week on the approval of WiFi hotspots, the Food Resource Delivery program and the new Chula Vista help line – ( 619) 476-5340, and the new emergency order that went into effect today (April 23) that requires everyone to wear a face covering while at an essential business or while standing in line to enter an essential business in Chula Vista.

Establishing multi department task force focused on community education and COVID-19 mitigation in western Chula Vista. Task force will engage with the community, make positive contacts,  and supply face coverings to those in need. 

The City is working with the Chula Vista Elementary School District to identify families to receive the 2,000 WiFi hotspots Council authorized for purchase with PEG funds. 

County officials emphasized a continued focus on actions to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and while plans are being developed to ease restrictions at the appropriate time, there are state and federal guidelines that direct how and when this can happen. Residents need to hold firm, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Local health clinics in Chula Vista continue to establish testing opportunities for their client base. The County is opening two new testing locations on Monday, April 27, including one in Chula Vista at the County facility on Oxford Street. Those being tested will need to be referred by their health care provider.

Also, the County Public Health Order has been modified to allow hospitals and health care providers to perform certain elective surgeries/procedures if the hospital has met required state guidelines. 

As of April 23, Global cases are 2,678,585 and 187,330 deaths; United States cases are 856,209 with 47,178 deaths; California, 37,788 cases with 1,440 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 2,643 cases and 100 deaths. There have been 634 residents admitted to the hospital with 213 of those admitted to the ICU. As of April 23, there are 311 cases in Chula Vista.

Anne Steinberger

Marketing and Communications Manager

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