CV EOC Update April 17th

new data dashboard is now live. Please note that for today’s launch of this new dashboard, we have included CVPD and CVFD Calls for Service data tables. We also have included a link to the Chula Vista COVID-19 Cases table and a link to the County dashboard. We will add Park Ranger and ACT data on COVID reports and issues next week. After those elements are added, we will update the data weekly on Mondays starting April 27. 

There now are plans for eight virtual Council/Commission/Community/Workshop meetings in the coming weeks. These meetings will be held using the same platforms as the Council meetings in March and April. Please note these dates could change and meetings could be added or deleted.

·       Thurs, Apr 30, Measure P COC (tentative)

·       Tues, May 5, Council Meeting

·       Weds, May 6, Fire Ambulance Transport Community Meeting

·       Thurs, May 7, Civil Service Commission Meeting

·       Mon, May 11, Budget Workshop (revised date)

·       Tues, May 12, Council Meeting

·       Weds, May 13, Planning Commission Meeting

·       Thurs, May 14, Measure A COC

The Communications team is coordinating with City ambassadors (i.e., Marcela Valledolid, etc.) and partners (education, health care, community organizations, etc.) to share social media posts in English and Spanish focusing on important messages to encourage residents to stay strong, stay home, and follow public health directives and guidelines. 

The Communications team also is providing Public Service Announcement messages in English and Spanish and sharing with our Spanish language media partners (radio and TV). Special thanks to Pedro Anaya for assisting with this effort.

As of April 17, Global cases are 2,240,191 and 153,822 deaths; United States cases are 662,045 with 28,998 deaths; California, 27,677 cases with 957 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 2,158 cases and 70 deaths. Of those cases, 52% are residents ages 20 – 49 years; 1,081 are male, 1,073 are female, and 4 are no gender reported. There have been 524 residents admitted to the hospital with 181 of those admitted to the ICU. As of April 16, there are 234 cases in Chula Vista.

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