COVID Cases in SW Chula Vista

I noticed that the cases of COVID in south west Chula Vista seem to be high. As of April 16th, we had 80 in SW CV. I have reached out to the County of San Diego to get answers. I did get response back and they said they would provide more information as soon as they can. Here is what I received today. Keep in mind that we will get a more comprehensive answer in the days to come. In the meantime, we ask that you stay at home and limit any type of travel to essential travel only.


As you may have heard in our press briefings, the caveat with zip code data is that it is next to impossible to draw any conclusions about the transmission of the virus based on zip code. Some San Diego County cases have been travel-related and COVID-19 was not contracted within the county. COVID-19 now has reached community transmission status, which means people may have contracted the illness somewhere else in the county, but this may not necessarily be in the city where they live. These data should not be interpreted as an indication of activity in any specific location. Under a community transmission status, the true prevalence of this disease may not be known as most cases are likely not diagnosed or reported.

But, I will ask some questions of staff in alignment with my three points above and get back to you.

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  1. If the data posted is not an indication of activity in that particular area, what does it actually indicate? People who showed up at the hospital and tested positive within that zip code?

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