CV EOC Update April 8th

Public outreach has started for the San Diego Food Bank distribution event on Friday, April 10, at 9 a.m. at Southwestern College. EOC staff, CVPD, and Public Works are coordinating with the Food Bank and Southwestern College for the event. CVFD and CERT are volunteering. The event will provide food packages to 1,000 cars. Mayor, Councilmembers and/or their representatives will be participating.

Recreation is coordinating with the Food Bank to receive food packages to distribute to homebound residents. This effort will start Friday, April 10. Referrals are coming from 2-1-1 to provide names/addresses for the deliveries. If you receive inquiries, please ask them to call 2-1-1. Recreation staff will use the Senior Volunteer Patrol vehicles to make the deliveries. Staff will be provided appropriate PPE and the deliveries will be left on porches. Also, Recreation staff is assisting SBCS at their weekly distribution events.

CVPD reports that as of April 7, no citations for violations of social distancing or non-essential businesses being open have been issued. CVPD is educating and warning the public as needed. Economic Development is following up with non-essential businesses that are open. As of April 7, SDPD had issued 23 citations for violations of social distancing or non-essential businesses being open; San Diego Sheriff had issued 39 violations. 

Public Works has initiated a staggered start/end time for staff work schedules to limit interaction and promote social distancing in the workplace. Many Public Works staff are working at the yard and others in the field to provide support for essential public safety and infrastructure projects.

The San Diego County Public Health Officer announced an update to the County directive. No mass gatherings are allowed. Residents should be staying home except for essential trips such as to the doctor or to the grocery store.  

County reminded everyone that April is a critical month and everyone needs to do their part so we can keep flattening the curve. Early results on the Stay at Home orders are encouraging but we have to keep up the good work.

As of April 8, in San Diego County, there are 1,530 cases with 36 deaths. There have been 316 residents admitted to the hospital with 122 of those admitted to the ICU. As of April 7, there are 122 cases in Chula Vista. 

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