CA League of Cities 4/8

Thursday is shaping up to be a big day in Washington with conversations around the Senate and the House. A bill could move through the Senate as soon as tomorrow. Senators are in their home states at the moment, so the plan is to pass a package through the Senate by unanimous consent.

Today, NLC sent a letter to the White House urging the administration to ensure smaller communities that cannot access direct aid through the CARES Act receive funding in the next $150 billion tranche of aid to states and localities that is being pushed by Democratic leaders. In the letter, NLC also asked the administration to make sure no population threshold is put in place that would prevent smaller cities, towns, villages from receiving direct aid. Please see attached letter to POTUS.

Reiterating a bit of news from last night’s edition, Representatives Brad Schneider, John Katko, T.J. Cox, Peter King, and Diana DeGette are leading a bill to repeal the language in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act that bars governmental institutions from receiving tax credits for providing paid sick leave and paid emergency family leave. The bill will be introduced on Tuesday, April 14. We ask you to contact your members of Congress to ask them to support this bill.

Additionally, we encourage you to call on the members of Congress in your state to cosponsor the Coronavirus Community Relief Act. This billprovides direct relief to hundreds of millions of Americans that live outside the 36 largest cities that are eligible to receive direct aid.

NLC is pushing back against efforts by many groups to capitalize on the pandemic by trying to have emergency exemptions turn into longer term policies. State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) are seeking a foothold to commercialize rest areas. A number of associations have requested state exemptions for truck size and weight increases during the emergency which is not unusual or objected to. However, the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks has received reports that Governors and state DOTs are getting lots of requests for increases and some, like the Americans for Modern Transportation, are boldly asking Congress to mandate an increase in the length of trucks (Double 33s). Attached is the state by state exemptions, and we hope you will watch for any potential state legislation that would increase truck weight outside the bounds of the COVID-19 emergency.    Thank you again for engaging with your congressional delegations. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your written correspondence to Treasury and Congress. It’s important we continue to seek bipartisan support for our priorities

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