NLC April 6th Update

At an emergency meeting earlier today, the Judicial Council of California – the policymaking body of the California courts – adopted eleven temporary emergency rules of court, effective immediately.  Most of the rules have a sunset date of 90 days after the Governor lifts the state of emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic, unless earlier amended or repealed by the Judicial Council.

The rules amend and suspend various court procedures and processes, including those pertaining to unlawful detainers, judicial foreclosures, and juvenile and criminal proceedings, among others. 

Of note with respect to the rule pertaining to unlawful detainers – Emergency rule 1 – is that it prohibits courts from issuing a summons, or from entering a default judgment, except in certain circumstances where necessary to protect public health and safety.  Another rule – Emergency rule 11 – tolls the statutes of limitation for all civil causes of action.  The full text of the rules is available here.

Today, the Governor provided an update on the physical assets the State is procuring and how the State is adding capacity to address surge needs.  Notes attached from press conference.

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