CV EOC Upadte April 6th

EOC staff has confirmed with the San Diego Food Bank to hold a distribution event on Friday, April 10 at 9 a.m. at Southwestern College. CVPD is coordinating with the Food Bank and Southwestern College to establish a traffic pattern for food distribution. The event will provide food packages to 1,000 cars. As this is a San Diego Food Bank effort, City will push out messages that Food Bank distributes.

Residents reported dozens of potential non-essential business and social gathering violations on ACT Chula Vista during the weekend. Economic Development and CVPD staff are following up with the businesses or on the issues that were reported. There now are two new options for reporting potential COVID-19 violations on ACT Chula Vista: Non-essential businesses that are open and Potential violations of social gatherings in parks or other locations. The County also is promoting the option to report these issues at and the reports are forwarded to the appropriate jurisdiction.

Community Services staff continue to call seniors to check in and ask about their health and welfare, answer questions, and provide connections to services as needed.

CVFD has reinstated Government Mandated and High Hazard / Occupancy Permit Fire And Life Safety Inspections.

As of April 6, there are 1,325,000 cases worldwide with 74,000 deaths. There are 352,346 cases in the United States with 10,389 deaths. In California, there are 15,207 cases with 351 deaths. In San Diego County, there are 1,404 cases with 19 deaths. As of April 5, there are 95 cases in Chula Vista. 

Anne Steinberger

Marketing and Communications Manager

City of Chula Vista Office of Communications/City Manager’s Office

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