Governor Newsom April 3rd

Governor Newsom

  • Have 6,876 hotel rooms in possession via occupancy agreements.  On way to getting 15,000 in Phase 1.
  • FEMA created a template with California where providing 75 percent reimbursement for Project Roomkey.  Ensuring addressing most vulnerable Californians.  Focused specific on individual homeless populations that have been exposed and are deemed high-risk (seniors) and those tested positive for COVID-19. Hundreds individuals off streets into non-congregate sites. This crisis predates the current crisis.  County-state partnership (county driving car, state building the car).  Ensure staffing needs available (laundry, intake process, security) along with Chef Jose Andres’ organization (World Central Kitchen) working local restaurants in providing three meals a day. 
  • $800 million of award grants ($650 million from last year’s budget for homelessness; $150 million from recent legislative actions).
  • Project Roomkey federal support – $118.5 million from CARES Act. Long-term resource needs after this crisis is over.  Occupancy agreements include extensions and lease agreements include purchase options. 

Darrell Steinberg, Mayor of Sacramento

  • State of the State address about homelessness and mental health and called that a crisis.  Legislative efforts last year provide funding to help with homelessness, along with the Governor creating of a homelessness taskforce.  What thought would take years to address issues, COVID-19 crisis has provided an unprecedented opportunity to move up that timeline aggressively. 

Governor Newsom

  • Updated case numbers:
    • 10,710 positive cases
    • 2,188 hospitalized
    • 901 ICU (10.4 percent increase from yesterday)
  • Guidelines on testing protocols and strategies tomorrow.
  • On Monday, details of physical assets that State has brought online.
  • PPE: 38 million N95 masks distributed so far.
  • Few hundred ventialtors being retrofitted by Bloom Energy.
  • Almost 75,000 people have signed up on
  • Volunteer opportunities at
  • Practice physical distancing above anything else.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Who is paying for hotel leases?  Who will finance once pandemic is over?
A: First in nation framework for FEMA to reimburse 75 percent of costs as long as follow requirements (homeless population, COVID-19 positive or exposed and at risk).  $650 million in emergency grants. $150 million in emergency aid. Should cover the 25 percent gap.  Beyond that, looking at new leases that have month to month extensions and ability to purchase properties.  Not walking away from obligations on homelessness.   As long as I am your Governor, I am going to be there to do everything in my power to support cities and counties. 

Q: Some advocates saying that people are not being moved off the streets fast enough? How many people have been housed?  And how many hope to house?

A: Cities and counties doing magnificent job in certain cases, and not good enough in other cases in all their other homeless operations.  Specifically for Project Roomkey, just shy of 7,000 occupancy agreement with 869 people already in hotels.  We do not want everyone flooding into existing room.  We want to create slack so we are doing in a judicious, methodical way.  Advocates are right, but no other state to our knowledge is doing what we are doing. 

Q: When will we see peak?  Different models represent different timelines?

A: Can’t speak to other models.  Different than other states.  Everyday is dynamic and we are updating trends and modeling. May month where we see things start to peak.  No specific date. 

Q: What is the status of 1300 trailers procured from FEMA?

A: There are 1305 trailers.  Roughly 584 have been distributed throughout the state. The rest we are trying to get out as quickly as possible. Cannot site them against the wills of the local sunless the local governments are willing to be supportive of the trailers. There have been some circumstances where trailers were given and not being utilized. Another 28 trailers contributed this morning. Getting out as quickly as sites are offered by cities and counties.

Q: Ongoing challenges in procuring PPE, what would you like to see federal government do?

A: Not offering advice at that scale.  We are a nation-state. Working collaboratively with private partners and FEMA.  The national stockpile will be insufficient so we are not relying on it.  We have not received one ventilator and we are securing them differently.  Note – 170 ventilators that came from Stockpile went directly to LA County, not the State.  4252 ventilator we have sourced ourselves.  Virgin Orbit is showing prototype on bridge ventilators today.

Q: Who is paying the bill for companies producing this equipment?  Donation or paying for?

A: Every instance is different.  Some are no cost to taxpayers; emergency grants and state dollars (front end with reimbursements on backend). 

Q: Will the State pay for healthcare professional through healthcorps?

A: Compensated – Facebook providing $25 million helping with stipends.  Triaging all applications.  Others paid by traditional source, and augmented by private sector. 

Q: Which homeless individuals should be placed in isolation housing?

A: FEMA specific guidelines for Project Roomkey. Requires three things: 1) COVID-19 positive; 2) exposed to virus; and 3) high-risk (seniors; underlying health issues).

Q: Request for more relief for undocumented workers?
A: No state does more.  Expanded healthcare insurance last year.  Will continue to do more.  Always consider those who are documented, undocumented, mixed status families.  Small business remarks yesterday – many businesses that do not / can not get support of SBA, we are making $50 million of microloans through iBank. More will be done, more needs to be done.

Q: Inquiries from healthcare workers in Los Angeles about testing, do you have a plan to prioritize and expanding testing for these workers? A: And first responders. Yes and yes. Tomorrow will specifically be providing more information on this.

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