CV Update April 3rd

City held a press conference with Mayor Casillas Salas, Chief Kennedy, Chief Geering, City Attorney Googins, and City Manager Halbert. The event was streamed live on CVPD Facebook and the news feed was provided to all TV news outlets. The video also was posted on @thinkchulavista IGTV – check it out. You’ll need Instagram. 

EOC coordinating with San Diego Food Bank to hold a food distribution event in Chula Vista for South Bay families (tentatively) April 10. Location TBD.

City updating various web pages with new guidance on COVID-19 directives for residents and businesses including new signage requirements for businesses, face coverings when in public or at an essential business, and other information and resources.

City has created an informational flyer in English and Spanish to describe what essential businesses are open, what non-essential businesses are closed, wear a face covering in public, etc. The flyers are being posted at City parks to provide additional information about closures. Additionally, CVPD, Park Rangers, and Public Works staff will distribute these flyers during their essential work duties to remind residents of the public health orders to encourage compliance before need for citation and enforcement.

ACT Chula Vista has added two new options for reporting potential COVID-19 violations: Non-essential businesses that are open and Non-essential gatherings in parks or other locations. The alerts are sent to appropriate staff to respond. This will provide an option for residents to provide this information which should lead to reduced call volume at CVPD.

Fire Department Update on Providing Essential Services 

  • Fire Prevention is currently operating under the guidelines established by Governor Gavin Newsom’s directive in providing ‘Essential Services’ for the construction industry:
  • Providing Building Architectural and Land Development plan check services as outlined by the modified submittal process established by the Development Services Department.
  • Provide Fire and Life Safety Engineering plan reviews, although we have also established a modified submittal process for intake of submittals. Effective immediately all Fire and Life Safety submittals will only be accepted through the USPS to minimize contact with fire protection contractors.
  • Providing all permitted construction and Fire Safety Engineering inspections as it falls under Governor Newsom’s directive of providing ‘Essential Services’.
  • The Fire Investigation Unit will continue to provide Fire Investigation services as it falls under Governor Newsom’s directive of providing ‘Essential Services’.  
  • Fire Prevention has temporarily suspended Government Mandated and High Hazard / Occupancy Permit Fire and Life Safety Inspections 

County report as of April 3, there are 1,112 total confirmed COVID-19 cases in the County. Numbers breakdown: 585 cases are male; 519 are female; 211 have been hospitalized and of those 85  are in ICU. There are 17 reported deaths of residents due to COVID-19. As of April 2, there are 65 cases in Chula Vista. 

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