CA OES Update 3/30

Lori Nezhura, Cal OES

  • Cal OES is receiving a lot of emails about local supply orders;
  • Hospitals are aware of the process of obtaining supplies;
  • However, many hospitals continue reaching out to local governments asking for help in circumventing this process;
  • Currently, hospitals need to submit supply requests to their local health officer;
    • The local health officer then looks to see if there are any available supplies within that county;
    • If not, the local health officer put that request into the system where it is sent to the Medical Health Coordination Center (MHCC), which is currently located at the Cal OES State Operation Center;
    • The MHCC fulfils these orders from existing inventory;
    • The goal is to put as many orders from a single region on the same truck so that these supplies arrive at once;
  • There are times that there are shortages in supplies, which creates a delay in turnaround;
  • Prior to COVID-19 supply turnaround was approximately 24-hours;
    • Now, there is about a 72-hour plus turnaround time;
  • Please use this information to help manage the expectations of hospitals that are looking to local governments for help on this issue; and
  • When a local government official receives a question like this from a hospital, ask if they have submitted an order through the proper channels.

Eric Lamoureux, Cal OES

  • Commodity movement is a top priority—getting equipment where it is needed the most;
  • Have set purchasing objectives for Personal Protective Equipment:
    • Trying to secure 500 million masks, 20 million swabs, and other key commodities;
  • Cal OES has buyers that do nothing but call supply leads, work through negotiations, and put orders in;
    • Some orders have been canceled, which has created delivery delays;
    • It is also difficult pushing out scarce recourses;
    • This is a continual process, with a very large team assembled working on it;
  • Have also asked the federal government for 10,000 ventilators; and
  • To address the medical surge, there are eight Federal Medical Stations (FMS) that are being positioned throughout the state.

Brian Ferguson, Cal OES

  • Today the Governor announced the California Health Corps in an effort to expand our health care workforce;
  • A website has been created where those who have a background in health care can volunteer to provide care;
  • Encourage local officials to push this information out to communities to continue to bolster the health care workforce;
  • In the first hour after the Governor’s announcement, there were over 5,000 people who signed up to be part of this process; and

A working group has been established with the goal of conducting 100,000 tests per day through a public/private sector partnership.

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