CA Dept. Social Services 3/30

Corrin Buchanan, Housing and Homelessness for the California Department of Social Services (CDSS)

  • Update on Project Room Key;
    • The state‚Äôs response to COVID-19 for those experiencing homelessness;
    • Coordinating housing through a non-congregate setting using methods such as trailers and hotels to lessen the health risk to those individuals who are experiencing homelessness;
  • On March 18th, the Governor announced:
    • $150 million for local emergency homelessness actions. Specifically:
      • $100 million directly to local governments, for shelter support and emergency housing to address COVID-19 among the homeless population; and
      • $50 million to purchase travel trailers and lease rooms in hotels, motels, and other facilities in partnership with counties and cities to provide immediate isolation placements throughout the state for homeless individuals.
  • As of now, 5,491 hotel and motel rooms are on line, and 200 trailers are available throughout the state for this purpose;
  • FEMA has decided to designate Project Room Key as reimbursable, so 75% of these costs will be reimbursable through FEMA;
    • This will allow for better leveraging of costs;
    • Allows for wrap around costs;
  • Currently working to design a data system that will allow for tracking of costs for FEMA reimbursement;
  • Working with local governments to coordinate homelessness response;
  • Local governments are the ones who enter into these lease agreements and contracts for wrap around services; and
  • There is a significant push to ensure rooms that are acquired become occupied as quickly as possible to ensure that the homeless can avoid infection.
  • The state is also providing guidance:

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