Chula Vista Update March 30th

County of San Diego and City of Chula Vista extending the Stay at Home mandate through April and indefinitely. City continues to promote Stay at Home, Parks Closed, and Social Distancing.

City staff are working to educate and inform residents about Closed Parks and Trails. CVPD reports that there were crowds of people in some parks throughout city and at trailheads in the east this weekend. Closed Parks signs have been installed in some parks and additional signs are being fabricated along with Closed Trails signs to be installed this week. The goal is to use signage, website and social media to educate but it may become necessary for CVPD to help educate and potentially enforce.  

All April events within the City of Chula Vista, including South Bay Earth Day, Hops & Hops 5K, and Day of the Child have either been postponed to a later date or cancelled. City staff will inform event planners if this directive extends into May. 

County of San Diego

  • County has extended the public health directive to shelter at home indefinitely and emphasized today that we are “still in the calm before the storm.”
  • County reports that current hospital capacity is adequate with the caveat this could change with any surge. 
  • County reminded people who have a need for emergency services such as those with cardiovascular or stroke symptoms to NOT hesitate to seek emergency care.
  • Volunteer opportunities for interested residents are available at https://www.justserve.org/sdcounty
  • County collaborating with Mayor Faulconer and Regional Housing Task Force to expand sheltering capacity for homeless.

County reports as of March 30, there are 519 total confirmed COVID-19 cases in the County. Additional data breakdown: 63% of these cases are ages 20-49; 57% males/42% females; 27% hospitalized and 9% are in ICU. There are seven reported deaths of residents due to COVID-19. 

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