Supplying Food in D4

Message From South Bay Community Services

SBCS and its programs and services are among the sectors critical to coronavirus pandemic response that Governor Newsom exempted from his stay-at-home order announced last week.

This means we are continuing and, in many cases, expanding safety-net supports for the populations we serve and the challenges the pandemic presents for them.

We have increased our distributions of healthy food for families in need from four times a month to nine times a month at sites throughout Chula Vista and are engaging partners to launch additional distributions in the coming weeks. Over the past two weeks, more than 1,200 families totaling 5,360 individuals have driven through to receive bags of healthy food at the school sites where food distributions are hosted.

As we noted in our last update, we’ve also increased the capacity of our shelters and scaled up housing assistance to make these crucial resources accessible to the homeless and unsheltered at higher risk for negative impacts to their well-being during this public health emergency.

Our Domestic Violence Response team is receiving a higher-than-average volume of calls to assist families experiencing domestic violence issues. Though these skilled team members are initially being patched into the scene to help survivors via phone rather than in-person, we’ve otherwise made minimal changes in the way services are being delivered to ensure they are most effective at a time when increased stress, loss of income and isolation is causing domestic violence to increase.

SBCS’ child welfare, mental health, juvenile detention intervention and education programs also remain key priorities at this time. These program teams are as busy as ever running group and individual sessions with clients remotely; assuring young clients and their families of our deep commitment to their prosperity and success – even when many other components of their normal routines have been halted.

Thank you for your support of our commitment to continue providing services to all those who need them most.

Please check back to our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram regularly for additional updates on programs, services and efforts to support the needs of the wider community as we continue to monitor and respond to the situation.

Kathie Lembo
President and CEO
South Bay Community Services

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