Criminal Warrant Served on Illegal Marijuana Dispensary

On 9/20/19, at approximately 0900 hours, the Chula Vista Police Department, in conjunction with the Chula Vista City Attorney’s Office, served a Criminal Search Warrant at 703 Third Avenue, Chula Vista. This location housed an illegal marijuana dispensary which generated a number of complaints from members in the community.

The Chula Vista Police Department and the City Attorney’s Office have worked together to close (10) Illegal marijuana dispensaries in 2019 through the civil abatement process and now an additional (3) dispensaries have been closed through criminal enforcement efforts.

Operators at illegal dispensaries in Chula Vista are now being criminally charged and prosecuted for operating these establishments without permits and illegally selling marijuana. The Chula Vista Police Department with the assistance of the City Attorney’s Office will continue to focus criminal enforcement efforts on other documented locations that have been identified in the community as selling marijuana illegally in the city.

Currently there are no legal and permitted marijuana dispensaries in the City of Chula Vista.  

Illegal and unpermitted marijuana dispensaries pose a significant health and safety hazard to the public.  In addition to traffic congestion and crime and disorder problems, unpermitted dispensaries usually have significant building and code violations which could be deadly in the event of a fire or other emergency that may require a quick evacuation.  Upon entering the dispensary, officers found barricaded potential exit points and found the primary front door to the business secured with a magnetic locking system.

With all marijuana dispensaries currently being illegal in Chula Vista, preventing access to cannabis products by underaged youth is always a top concern and priority for public safety agencies.  Officers found multiple racks of cannabis infused products that mimicked youth oriented products and appeared to be designed for the youth market such as, cannabis infused gummy worms, marshmallow treats, and candies. 

Pursuant to the Criminal Search Warrant, approximately $50,000 worth of cash and cannabis infused products were seized from the location along with two loaded semi-automatic handguns.

Four employees at the illegal dispensary were arrested for charges including possession of marijuana for sales, conspiracy to sale marijuana and operating a marijuana dispensary without a license. Firearm charges are still pending further investigation.     

Please see the attached pictures below regarding what was discovered inside the illegal marijuana dispensary. For any questions, media are asked to direct all future inquiries to the Watch Commander @ 619-476-5374.

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