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Welcome to Chula Vista Councilmember Mike Diaz’s District web site. I hope to make this your source for information on what City Hall is doing in Southwest Chula Vista. I’ll also provide you with some city wide news that affects all of us.

The District

District 4 represents the south west Chula Vista community. The district covers everything south of ‘L’ Street and west of 805. Some of the nieghborhoods include: Castle Park, Harborside, Otay, Woodlawn and Montgomery.


I was born in Tijuana and lived there for a hand full of years before moving to Chula Vista with my parents, three brothers and a sister. Here is an interesting fact about me. I am a triplet and yes, I always have folks walk up and think I’m Marc or Mario (my triplet brothers). We all grew up in the Castle Park neighborhood. My wife (Debi) and I raised my two daughters in District 4, in the Castle Park area. My wife and I have 4 grand kids and we enjoy spending a lot of time with them. In fact, two of them live just three house down from us.

Retired Firefighter

I spent over thirty years working as a firefighter and retired from the Escondido Fire Department after working with them for 29 years. After I retired I worked part time for Sweetwater High School as a Fire Science instructor.

Cox cable salute to Education
Cox Cable Salute to Education

At Sweetwater, I mainly worked with underrepresented students and built them up so that they could compete for a career in the fire service that tends not to be as diverse as our community. My class instilled work ethic, discipline and integrity into my students. I worked with fire agencies throughout the county to get equipment for my program. National City donated a working fire engine to our program and allowed our class to use their training tower. I feel I created a great fire science program at Sweetwater. Students were given an opportunity to ride along with National City Firefighters and responded to fire and EMS calls. Durning my last year at Sweetwater, I had a really great student in my class. In fact, he had already taken my class the year before and decided to take it again in his senior year. He really wanted to be a firefighter and he worked very hard to become one of our class Squad Leaders. He would always talk to me about what he needed to do to be a firefighter. I convinced him to take an anatomy class at Southwestern College and he did. He signed up for a night class at the Otay campus. Later on I learned that his mother had been deported and that he had been homeless for some time. He would stay at different friends homes, he worked several jobs to make ends meet, he went to night school at Southwestern, and then attended his regular schooling at Sweetwater High as a senior. My wife and I decided to take him into our home and work with him to get him into the fire service. Today he is working as an EMT for American Medical Response (AMR) and has begun to start testing with fire departments. My wife and I are very proud of this young man. While at Sweetwater I also worked with students, introducing them to engineering and advanced manufacturing in an after school program. In that program, I taught students how to use LASER’s, CNC machines, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

Prison Ministry

I volunteer my time ministering to inmates at a local prison. I have been doing that for a couple of years and it has been a true blessing. In 2019/2020, I have been selected to be a leader for our ministry program. My role is to lead about 24 men (from the outside ) and about 15 inmates in two programs that are six months apart. In addition, we go into the prison once a week to meet and pray with the graduates of the program.